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Knights Templar insignia

Knights Templar insignia

York Rite

and the

Knights Templar

Jewels and Insignia

The York Rite has similarities and differences in ritual, degrees and practices among the various countries where it is worked today. Within the USA, the first five degrees are grouped together as Royal Arch, the next two as Cryptic Mason degrees, and the last three as the Chivalric degrees. The culmination of the Chivalric triplet is the Order of the Temple, which makes the Mason a Knight Templar. 

Masonic rings are a prominent part of Masonry, and those of the York Rite are no exception. The ring of a Knight Templar can be particularly ornate and attractive, as we see here.


Lapel pins related to the Knights Templar and the degrees within York Rite are many and varied. The ones shown here are being sold by a Tennesee Commandery to benefit the Knights Templar Eye Foundation. More information is available about them here.  

York Rite Lapel Pins

York Rite lapel pins

York Rite Lapel Pins

Medallions struck for York Rite, especially within the Knights Templar degree Order of the Temple, convey memorable symbols and references that remind the wearer of experiences gained in the degree.

Knights Templar medallion

Knights Templar medallion


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Knight Templar Cross

Knight Templar Cross