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Sanford Holst

Masonic Sourcebook Editor

As the editor, chief cook and bottle-washer of this fraternal website, let me welcome you to this widely-based collection of articles and books about Freemasonry. Contributions of articles come primarily from people in the USA, England and Scotland, though fellow travelers from all countries are welcome to share their work. 

A major focus is on the books and authors that provide the foundation for additional work being done today. Comments from Masons and others around the world continue to arrive, sharing thoughts on the writings and readings that have made the greatest difference to them. Those inputs have helped to shape the collection of books presented here as recommended works.

Your editor served as Master of Southern California Research Lodge, one of the larger lodges in the world with over 2,000 members. A 32 Mason, I am also a Knight Templar. 

One of the more popular books I've written is Sworn in Secret which explores the critical early years of Masonry. It follows the roots of the Craft back as far as Solomon's Temple, and helps bring to life all the people and events that caused our rituals, symbols and practices to be what they are today. Many sources, documents and illustrations fill in rarely-seen details. 

Another of my books, Phoenicians: Lebanon's Epic Heritage, takes a deeper look into the society in which Hiram Abiff lived, and their valuable contributions to the building of Solomon's temple.

If you wish to contribute an article to Masonic Sourcebook or comment on any of the articles or books shown here, feel free to do so. The input of readers like yourself continues to add value to everything you find here.

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