old time freemasonry






Old Time Freemasonry

Old Time Freemasonry

As Masons we are part of an honored brotherhood that has lasted for hundreds of years, even as other societies have come and gone. And we not only survived, but attracted the best of the best—men such as George Washington, Christopher Wren, Voltaire and even kings. At one time we were truly exceptional. What has happened?

In recent years our numbers have been falling away. Fewer great leaders choose to join our ranks. Will Masonry decline into insignificance? I fervently hope not. But what can we do?

Outside of the USA and the UK—in countries challenged by abuses of human rights and liberty—the numbers of Masons are actually growing. And some leaders in these countries are choosing to join Masonry. That is the kind of Masonry our country once enjoyed.

We once had what I like to call Old Time Freemasonry—a Masonry full of purpose, resolve and action. How can we return to that? Perhaps we need to realize that we are still surrounded in this world by many of the difficulties that afflicted the American colonies—and before that, the people of Britain and France. Are you aware of how those difficulties motivated our brotherhood to rise to greatness in the American Revolution, in England’s Glorious Revolution of 1688, and in the Protestant-Catholic conflicts before that? If not, you can experience those days in my book "Sworn in Secret". Masonry helped our early brothers protect their life, liberty and families. George Washington had that experience, and if he was here to talk with you in person, he could tell you how it felt.

The explosions on 9-11 made it very clear that those troubles affecting our brothers in places such as Syria and Lebanon also affect us. So what can we do? We can adopt a lodge in a distressed land and ask how we can help. And here at home we can more visibly show our pride in what honorable Masons have accomplished to protect our liberty and freedom.

Should we be re-dedicating ourselves to some form of Old Time Freemasonry, filled with purpose, resolve and action? At one time Masons from other countries came to help George Washington when he was struggling, so I believe he would say, “Yes.”

And I’m with George.

Sanford Holst

Fraternal Review


George Washington


Based upon an article in the Fraternal Review, November 2014 issue, published by the Southern California Research Lodge.

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Old Time Freemasonry


How did this secretive society build men filled with purpose and resolve who moved forward in admirable action? This "old time Freemasonry" and the roots of Masonry are explored in the intriguing book Sworn in Secret

The Scottish Rite Journal describes this book as being "Thought-provoking, well researched and well written."

Sworn in Secret

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Many signers of the 1776 Declaration of Independence were Masons, as shown in this painting by made by John Trumbull in 1819.

Sir Christopher Wren

Sir Christopher Wren



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